About me

I am very fortunate to live and work in Sheffield which combines both fantastic scenery in the neighbouring Peak District with a fascinating local history.

After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in history, I pursued a career in industry and advertising which I most enjoyed when I was able to get involved with creating campaigns and graphic designs.

As an artist, I have always been interested in the romantic and the expressionistic views of the world. I am not nostalgic, but I have a deep sense of history, and how that shapes our place in the world today. We are a small country with a long history and alongside us walk the ghosts of the past. The landscape has been shaped by our ancetors for centuries and speaks to us if we care to listen.

Whether it is a landscape or an abstract piece, my work seeks to capture that feeling of what it is to look at the world through eyes which are both human and individual. past and present.

Consequently, my style is very versatile and eclectic, defined only by a drive to keep exploring new avenues and new approaches to my artistic journey.

Over the years, my main influences have been mid-20th British neo-romantic art; German expressionism and late 20th-century abstract works.

I have a love of colour, shape, symbol, and atmosphere whether painting landscapes, abstract works or drawings.

Imbued with this deep sense of history, I try to capture a sub-conscious view of the world which we all recognize – a world which doesn’t exist, yet is always with us